Hi all, 

Welcome to Project Wellness London. 

I founded Project Wellness London on the belief that everyone should take charge of their own health and wellness. Taking time to focus on ourselves can be at the bottom of our to-do-lists as we juggle busy work, family and social lives. This can result in many of us feeling physically, mentally and emotionally drained and, in some cases, even unwell.

Therefore I wanted to establish a service that focusses on you as an individual and supports you to work on the best project out there - your wellness.

I'm passionate about natural health therapies and the role they play in supporting health and well-being. This passion was born whilst travelling the world, specifically in Thailand, India, Sri Lanka and Australia. In many of these countries, using nature and natural therapies is the most beneficial way to support an individual's wellness and happiness, and they are part of everyday life. Perceptions are slowly changing in this country and we are beginning to value natural health therapies as a necessity rather than a luxury.

As a qualified Massage Therapist, Reflexologist and Baby Massage Instructor I support individuals and families with a wide range of wellness goals (see my 'therapies' section for more info on how natural health therapies can support a range of health conditions and wellness goals). I also volunteer as a Massage Therapist at the Royal Free hospital in North London which is such a fulfilling, rewarding and inspiring part of my week. Each visit to the hospital reinforces the power of massage; I see firsthand the physical, mental and emotional relief natural therapies bring to those I work with and I love the way conventional medicine is turning more and more to natural health therapies to support and complement medical interventions.  

Natural health therapies help to maintain and support our everyday wellness, and can be used as part of our regular health and wellness routine. They don't need to be there just when we're poorly, in hospital or undergoing medical treatment. Natural health therapies have vast health benefits as they impact on every body system and help to activate the body's own natural healing abilities to rebalance and restore homeostasis. Some of the main benefits include relieving physical discomforts from a range of conditions, improving mood, reducing stress and anxiety and, what's more, help you to connect with, and take control of, your happiness, health and wellness. This is what's it's all about for me - people taking an interest in and listening to what their mind and body are telling them and then taking positive action to put their wellness first. 

Thanks for listening and I look forward to meeting you soon.


Natalie x

Natalie is fully insured and is a member of a number of professional associations.