We offer an unique range of massage therapies and reflexology treatments, all designed to enhance or maintain your wellness. Whatever your wellness goals – relaxation, 'me time', improved physical functioning, energising, rebalancing or as a special treat for someone – our therapies are therapeutic and tailored to meet your individual needs.

Why we believe in massage and reflexology…

The power of massage therapy

The power of massage and positive touch has played an important role in many societies for centuries. In addition, within many Eastern societies, daily massage is used on newborns to support their physiological, emotional and social development. Massage is a natural way of improving many of the systems of the body including circulation, digestion and respiration as well as supporting the healing process for people suffering from a wide variety of ailments such as muscular tension/pain and migraines/headaches. Massage therapy benefits your physical, emotional and mental wellness by treating the whole body and helping the mind and body to naturally rebalance and relax.


Is an ancient practice from Egypt, Native American India and China which has been developed and refined over the years, spreading in popularity across the world. Reflexology uses 'reflex' or pressure points in the feet to treat, or balance, the whole person (mind, body and spirit). The feet are mirrors of the entire body and by stimulating the reflexes this activates the body's own natural healing energies to rebalance and restore homeostasis. 

You and your wellness 

Project Wellness is all about you therefore all aspects of our services are designed to support your wellness, relaxation and comfort. From our oils to our music, your treatment will be individual to you and tailored to meet your physical, mental and emotional needs.


We use a range of oils based on your preferences and needs. Whether it be lavender for relaxation, almond for dry skin or lemon and eucalyptus for energising, all of our oils are 100% organic, cold pressed and of the highest quality.


We also tailor our music to suit your musical tastes. We have a vast range for you to chose from including traditional spa/ambient music to orchestra/classical sounds and downtempo beach beats to instrumental electronica.

Lifestyle assessments

We are experienced in carrying out lifestyle assessments which are based on the latest evidence-based lifestyle and well-being scales. These are valuable insights which can really help you to focus on you and the areas of your life that need greater balance, helping you to achieve optimum health and well-being.  

Please give 15 minutes prior to your session for an informal, friendly chat about your lifestyle, which will help us to tailor your treatment and address your physical, mental and emotional needs.

Enjoy scrolling through our massage and reflexology therapies, and we hope to see you soon…