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Massage & Reflexology 

(60 minute, 90 minute & 120 minute sessions available)

To Relax… Holistic Massage

Holistically treating the whole body using long smooth strokes and rhythmic movements which deeply relax both mind and body. This massage also improves circulation and lymph flow moving nutrients and oxygen around the body and encouraging the removal toxins and waste from body, relieving muscular tensions and stress. When the mind and body are in a calm and relaxed state, it can aid the healing process which is essential for your full well-being and productivity.

£45 | £75 | £90 

To Relieve… Therapeutic Massage (Deep Tissue)

Focussing on relieving physical discomfort, chronic pain or deeply rooted muscular tensions, this massage applies a range of deep tissue techniques and pressures which work deeply into the muscle fibres and connective tissues to unblock congestion, remove toxins and break down tight muscles. This massage can also release emotional issues held in the body and can help realign muscles restoring normal movement where this has been restricted.

£45 | £75 | £90


Using specialised and gentle rhythmic techniques, this treatment mobilises the skin in the direction of the lymph flow which stimulates our lymphatic system and, in turn, regulates our immune system and calms our nervous system. Our lymphatic system plays a vital role in removing waste, toxins and excess fluid in the body and aids the transportation of nutrients to all of our cells, which is essential for optimum health. It benefits a range of conditions including reoccurring colds, flu, ear and chest infections, migraines, sinus problems, allergies such as hay fever, skin conditions such as rosacea and acne, cellulite and excess weight, water retention and oedema, pre- and post-operative cases, digestive issues and stress and anxiety. The relaxing, rhythmic, light-touch motion this treatment delivers will leave you feeling cleansed, calm and energised from head to toe. 

£45 | £75 | £90

To Revitalise… Energise Massage

Uses a fusion of holistic massage techniques and deep tissue pressures to both relax the mind and body and restore energy to stressed, tired or tight muscles. Using percussion techniques, this massage which will leave the mind and body feeing awake and revitalised.

£45 | £75 | £90

To Strengthen… Stretch Massage

Using a combination of massage techniques, stretches, and breathing exercises this massage losens tight, and often sore, muscles in order to strengthen and relieve physical discomforts. If you work-out, whether it be cardiovascular, weight training or yoga, this stretch massage will support your physical functioning by increasing blood flow and oxygen to help strengthen muscles in addition to increase your range of motion where this may be limited.

£45 | £75 | £90

To Rebalance… Reflexology

Focusing on the reflex points of the feet, this holistic therapy will activate the body's natural energy flow to rebalance the mind and body. 

£45 | £75 | £90